Lead Pastor Update #3


The Call Committee interviewed Pastor Beth for the Lead Pastor Position on April 7th, 2016. Each member of the committee spent individual time and decided on a few questions that they personally wanted to ask Pastor Beth during the interview. These questions were then presented to the entire Call Committee. We listened to each other’s questions and decided which ones we felt were mandatory in asking Pastor Beth and then we decided which ones could be secondary questions (as the interview was an hour and a half long).

Successfully, we were able to ask Pastor Beth all of the questions that the Committee had come up with in the allotted time. After the interview, we allowed Pastor Beth to ask the Call Committee any questions she may have had in regards to the interview, Lead Pastor job position, etc. Subsequently, Pastor Beth closed the interview in prayer per our request.

The Call Committee spent time in writing down notes during the interview and scoring Pastor Beth’s answers to each of the questions. We took time immediately afterwards to deliberate and come up with a decision.

All 6 members unanimously voted to recommend Pastor Beth for the Lead Pastor Position to the Council. Mark Schmidt wrote out a letter the following day on behalf of the Call Committee and sent it to the Council about our decision. We look forward to your attendance at the congregational meeting following the second service on May 22nd.

Church Council will share further details about the upcoming meeting in the next couple weeks.

Kirsten Freiborg
Kirsten Freiborg

Kirsten Freiborg Call Commitee Communications