Lead Pastor Call Committee Update #2


On Sunday, April 3rd the Call Committee held a MOtalk in regards to the Lead Pastor position and where they are at in the process. A short announcement will be made this Wednesday, April 6th during the service and several committee members will be stationed in the Welcome Center for questions after the service. View the PowerPoint slides presented on Sunday.

We have continued to meet every Wednesday night and have completed the Ministry Site Profile (The MSP is a comprehensive report profiling our congregation that prospective candidates can review: who we are, demographics, mission/vision/identity, leadership needs, etc.).

This Thursday, April 7th the Call Committee has a panel interview scheduled with Pastor Beth for the Lead Pastor position and from there, the committee will determine what the next steps forward shall be. In Mid-April our decision will be presented to the Church Council regarding the recommendation of Pastor Beth for the Lead Pastor position.

In late April, the Church Council will make a decision regarding approval of Pastor Beth for a congregational vote, and pending approval would be held in mid-May.

Kirsten Freiborg
Kirsten Freiborg

Kirsten Freiborg Call Committee Communications