Babysitting for Good

Each year, 5th and 6th graders are asked to come up with a year-end mission project that engages them in a way they feel called into the world. Chris Olson and Beth Molitor's group of 5th Grade girls decided to purchase healthcare products for those who are homeless, but they needed help raising the funds to pay for the kits. They came up with the idea of a babysitting fundraising night at MO on a Friday evening; giving parents an opportunity to head out for dinner and enjoy themselves.Babysittingweb87 On Friday April 22nd, the 1st annual “Helping Heroes” Babysitting event was held in the Jungle Room. Approximately 20 kids got 2 hours of dancing, musical chairs, crafts, story reading, and games.  Parents got a night out or some time to take care of things.


The initial goal was to raise $100, and they ended up raising over $200 towards healthcare products.

To quote the girls “We had a fun time playing with the kids and we hope the parents had a fun time too!”


Thank you to the kids and parents that participated and were able to donate to the cause!

Helping Heroes (2)

Special thank you to Addison, Rachel, Morgan, Linnea, Jessica, and Keira from Club 56 “Helping Heroes”  for your leadership in coming up with the idea, working together to make it happen, and making an impact on the Mount Olivet community and beyond!