Neighborhood Gatherings Bring Life to Mount Olivet’s BE OPEN Vision 


“What I love most about this experience is the people I’m meeting” said Ron Frehner. Chair of Mount Olivet’s Open Tables, phase I of the Be Open Vision.  “I opened up my neighborhood list and found someone two doors down that also goes to Mount Olivet!”

Mount Olivet leaders are inviting the congregation to homes and special events throughout February and March to share more about the Be Open Vision. This Vision is a comprehensive plan to continue to step out in faith and form community. 

“We are called to be together in community and that’s exactly what we are doing,” said Lead Pastor Beth Horsch “The Be Open Vision is pivotal moment in our history as we look at what’s possible because of who we are, called together as the community of Mount Olivet.”

Over the course of the next 8 weeks, there will be opportunities to gather with neighbors, small groups and friends as we share information about the Be Open Vision. There are no financial commitments being made at events, rather, they are a time to gather in fellowship and ask more about the Be Open Vision. Member of the church council and Be Open leadership team look forward to seeing you. 

“As a member of Mount Olivet, we share responsibility as a care taker of our church,” said Council President Mark Schmidt.  “We are doing what the leaders of our congregation did in those early years, listening to our community and discerning where God is leading us. When we think about Mount Olivet in 50 years, there will be a group of Mount Olivet members who will likely look back at our history and no doubt think about what we did.”

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