Our Story - A Message from the BE OPEN LEADERS

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During the past 18 months, this community has spent time thinking about our future here at Mount Olivet. We have listened to each other, our partners, and our neighbors in the community, as we have discerned what God is telling us. We have considered how we can improve and better utilize our buildings and grounds for our members and community both for today and for tomorrow. Our collective conversations have led us to creation of the BE OPEN vision. This vision is made up of four different segments, all of which will be accomplished over the course of time as our resources and energy allows.

We would like to focus on the Open Tables segment. Early on in the process, our congregation identified a need to have a shared meal in our church building. Further discernment and discussion highlighted a desire to work with our partner, Loaves and Fishes, to host a regular community meal. Unfortunately, our kitchen is no longer equipped to effectively provide for these needs. Built in 1968, it is outdated and not up to code. It is clear that it needs to be renovated if our vision is to be achieved.

A designated Building and Design committee, appointed by the church council and made up of Mount Olivet members, has been working with an architect to design renovations to the kitchen and the north entry. Specifically, the plan will expand the kitchen eastward into the current lobby and bring it up to code with new kitchen appliances, food preparation areas and a dish washing station. The north entrance will also be updated as part of this phase in order to provide a secure and inviting entrance. As part of that work, the architect has also looked at how to renovate the fellowship hall — the segment of the BE OPEN vision that we are calling Open Doors — so that what we do in 2019 fits with what may be done in the future. Now it is our time to BE OPEN and your help is needed to make this happen.

In February and March, members will be inviting you to have a conversation about what it means to BE OPEN and to learn more about the specific plans for 2019. In March, pledge cards will be sent to document your commitment to this effort. We will ask you to contribute your time and money in support of the Open Tables phase of the BE OPEN vision.

Over a century ago, the founders of our church took the bold step to build the first Mount Olivet church building.

Today, that church is still serving the needs of our community as the Mount Olivet Chapel. Please join us in taking the next step in our church’s history as we continue our legacy of service and building community.


Mark Schmidt.  Council President

Ron Frehner BE OPEN Leader