You Responded in a BIG WAY!

Greetings Mount Olivet Community,

Just a few short months ago, our community decided to cast a vision just as the founders of our church took a bold step to build the first Mount Olivet church building in 1880.  We asked you to contribute your time and money in support of the Open Tables phase of the BE OPEN vision.  

You responded in a big way.   

We could not have imagined such a response to God’s call.  Our youth raised money for their future, our families boldly responded to grow into a vision that responds to our community needs and our elders contributed to a legacy that will be cherished for many years.  To date, a total of 252 families have contributed to the Be Open vision.  

The initial goal of $500,000 for the Open Tables was met and significantly exceeded with a pledged total of $624,400!

In worship this past Sunday, we read from John 21, where the disciples were hesitant to cast out their nets after fishing without success. Yet Jesus still called them to act and to trust in God’s abundant presence. We, too, may have been hesitant to approach such a bold goal; yet with the Holy Spirit and a vision that emerged from deep listening, the catch in our nets has exceeded our expectations.”

Now that the resources available for the Open Tables phase are known, we have the flexibility to accomplish a larger part of the Be Open vision while providing a solid base from which to continue with the Open Doors phase in the future.  The Building and Design team has finalized options and plans with the  architect on the renovations to the kitchen and the north entry.  Request-For-Proposal documents have been created and distributed for review by potential contractors.   Bids will be received in the next month and construction is expected to begin in June with a grand opening later this fall.

We aim to start the community meal through Loaves and Fishes in the late fall as well; a team of Mount Olivet members is already making preparations.

We will provide you with updates by email as the work progresses and there will be MO Talks throughout the summer that provides a showing of the construction as it progresses.

We are excited to launch what we have envisioned, and we are equally excited to see where God leads us as we continue to listen and discern God’s call by being open.

Mark Schmidt, Church Council President                       Ron Frehner, BE OPEN Leader