Chicago Day 2 - Carter Morrissette Reflections

             My name is Carter Morrissette I am a senior from Maple Grove High School and I am with Mount Olivet church on a mission trip to Chicago! Funny enough I am one of two incoming seniors on the mission trip the other being my best friend Hannah Kreye. I am also the only guy in a group of 11 girls (thinking I was getting a break from my sister back home) which have grown on me in the wildest of ways.  Today, along with everyday, we start out with our bright and early showers at 6:00 am. I’ve learned to appreciate the magic of coffee so far on this trip because of moments like that. After showers we make breakfast and our lunches for the day but, for my group today was different. Like always we go to the YMCA camp for kids mainly from Lawndale Ave. (One of the most dangerous cities in Chicago). I chose too work with the kids ranging from 10-12 yrs. Old. The first time I walked in they asked me if I was wearing contacts in my eyes to change their color, with a chuckle I said “No” and quickly realized they probably don’t see many Blonde haired Blue eyed kids where they grow up. Later that day we went outside as a group (10-12 yr. olds) and played football, even the girls played and often would beat up on the boys. It was cool to see the fun they had playing knowing that most of them would never get a chance to actually play do to the situations at their home and where they live. As the afternoon progressed different aged classes came outside along with more of Mount Olivet volunteers. The funniest moment to me was when the younger girls had a dance contest but than after the other volunteers told them to teach me how to dance! As all the kids were outside we were told that we were going on a field trip, of course I was excited but our “field trip” was too Golden Corral. It really stuck me too see how the kids were so excited just to go to Golden Corral and got me thinking, these kids enjoy the small things and live every day with some sort pride and leap to their step! Golden Corral was a different experience with the kids, I have never seen a kid before stack six jalapenos on one French fry. Later after eating, my group headed to a Soup Kitchen led by a man named Mark and a woman called Mama T, both loving people who care about the homeless and those in need. Their soup kitchen isn’t funded by the government and is open 365 days a year! Every single day they come in to make the food and volunteers come into help because every hand is needed. I met some amazing people especially one lady who again marveled about my eyes so much she wanted me to lead the prayer which I did but very nervously I did so! My experience/experiences in the last few days have impacted my life already and have caused me to think non-stop about the people, especially the children in this city!