Associate Pastor Committee Update #1

Associate Pastor Call Committee Update #1 Now that we have Pastor Beth firmly in place as our Lead Pastor, we have formed the team that will follow a similar process to identify and recommend a candidate to serve as our Associate Pastor.  We again are being guided by Pastor Craig Pederson from the ELCA Minneapolis Area Synod to help us understand our role as a committee, how the Synod will help us identify and learn about candidates, and ensure we will select the best possible Associate Pastor fit for our church community.

Having just completed our Lead Pastor call, things are moving fast.  We’ve met four times over the last month; we’ve already modified our congregation’s Ministry Site Profile, identified roles within the committee, created a position description, and drafted the interview and selection process we will follow.  We were fortunate to have Bishop Ann meet with many members of our congregation earlier this month so she could get to know us better and thereby inform her search for our open leadership position.  Pastor Craig and Bishop Ann have begun to provide us with excellent candidates to review already and we’ve begun to set up initial meetings.

The Call Committee will continue to be open and transparent with where we are in this process.  We invite you to reach any member to ask questions, and to check the website for updates frequently.


Linda Finley Associate Call Committee Communications Lead