Denver: Day 1 We are here! Denver, the home of the longest street in the country, Colfax, which stretches 26 miles. Home of beauty and vulnerability; home of postcard views and poverty; home of 36 missionaries this week.

CSM is an organization with which Mount Olivet has partnered over the last four years of senior high mission trips. We were introduced to the city during orientation from a hillside that looked down on a busy, dynamic city. Our group was urged to push aside any expectations we had to allow God to surprise us. We were asked to use that space where our expectations lived to allow God to enter in. We were invited to fully engage in this intentional community; to be curious and open to the relationships we will form in Denver.

Monday's theme is all about planting and growing. You will hear more about our Monday experience from Andi Dickmeyer. Andi is an Intern on this trip and will be collecting stories throughout the week to share with you. ALSO - follow us on Instagram @moplychurch. Our hashtags for this week are: #moplymission and #csmdenver

Thanks for the prayers that have guided us to Denver and those that will sustain us in our time here. It's a great start to the week!