Mount Olivet Music Department

choir-11It seems excellent music has always been a strength of Mount Olivet. In fact, the music heard at Mount Olivet has been top of the list when people areasked what they like most about this community. The variety of musical styles offered as well as the high quality of performances gives the MO community much to appreciate.  Every week. dedicated volunteers and gifted professionals sing praises to God and lead worship. But the Music Department is so much more than people gathered making great music together. The Music Department is also a family within a family - praying, supporting, crying and laughing together - united in community by their shared love of music and the bonds of faith and friendship.

What I love most about music at Mount Olivet is the sense of community it brings. You don’t have to be part of the gathering team or a choir member because we all share the music with those who have an open ear. You feel connected by simply just being there.

-Jacy Pelstring Smith, Oasis & Gathering singer

 Music takes me to a new place in my mind and spirit. It is courageous, calming, and full of art and beauty. What I love most about music at MO is each individual’s willingness to jump into their offering. Musicians are “all in” when they sing or play.

-Gail Nelson, Chancel Choir singer and Bell ringer

What I love about music at MO is how much fun it is to be around people who love music as much as I do. It’s a blast to praise God each week through singing and playing bells! I love the variety of music - and I think we are lucky to have Angela as our director. She is a blessing!    

- Anna Mueller, Chancel Choir singer and Bell ringer            

These people are my family, and I couldn’t imagine not being with them every week.

-Jane Kloss, Chancel Choir singer