Make a Difference (MaD) Fund

MaD FundThink of it as a ministry of sharing peace with people who need a little help - a tank of gas, a filled prescription, diapers, groceries - whatever is needed to get through to the next paycheck, keep a job, take care of sick children, etc. The MaD Fund supplements the work of partners like PRISM when the product isn't available, or for families living out of their cars or sleeping on a relative's floor (the homeless have no proof of residence, which is required to gain access to food shelves that have strictly designated service areas). Job loss, divorce, illness, accident - so many people are just one trauma from destitution, and extending a little peace to them can give relief and change their outlook. This "peace" is given in the form of gift cards donated by Mount Olivet members or purchased from funds donated. Together we have helped many people see a brighter day, through the love we share in Jesus Christ.