Connect Groups: Knitting/Crochet Group

Mount Olivet is a community gathered around the cross and presence of Jesus, where members understand themselves to be sent as instruments of God’s grace and work in the world. We are doing God’s work in the world when we reach out to those who are sick or grieving a loss, and offer them a comforting prayer shawl to remind them their faith community supports and prays for them. This is one of two groups of faithful, artistic women who meet each month to do God’s work in the world by creating beautiful and practical items to be given away to those in need.  

Mount Olivet Knit/Crochet Group

They are called the Knitting/Crochet Group, but anyone who does any kind of needlecraft is welcome to join them when they meet each month on the second Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. They describe themselves as very “close-knit” and they especially look forward to getting together each month to share what’s going on in their lives as well as solve tricky needlework problems. Their favorite service project is knitting or crocheting prayer shawls for people with serious health problems or troubles. The group prays for the recipients as they make the shawls, and MO staff distribute them when needed. It is wonderful when they hear about how the shawls help and comfort people - that knowledge makes all the time and effort worth it.

Prayer shawls are our way of wrapping people in God’s love and comfort when they need it most. It’s truly an honor to be part of this very profound ministry.                                             - Marilyn Nordquist