5TH - 9TH Grade faith formation

Our 5th - 9th Grade Faith Formation program is made up of small groups within each grade level. These small groups stay together as they move through each program year and into 9th Grade confirmation. Groups are led by volunteer adult leaders, and large group learning is taught by a multitude of adult instructors, including pastors, staff, and guest presenters.

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Three year theme rotation

Each year will focus on a different theme, so that by the time a student moves to 9th grade confirmation, they will have engaged in three different elements of Lutheran faith.

Theme 1: Practices of Faith
This theme is grounded in God’s promised and faithful relationship with creation. Some of the topics in this theme include: the history of God’s promises in scripture, the daily promise of God’s presence in the sacraments, and the theological understanding of promises from the Lutheran perspective.

Theme 2: Living Your Faith
This theme will focus on three aspects of relationship we experience: Gods relationship with us, our relationship with the world, our relationship with creation. Additionally, the living word, made known in Jesus and examining the concepts of tension in faith will guide this theme The content for this theme will center on the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, Apostles’ Creed, and the life of Jesus.  

Theme 3: God’s Story, Your Story
This theme will engage in the examples of faithful storytellers from scripture, in the world, and in this congregation.  Young people will be nurtured to develop a language and practice of faithful living that not only connects with congregational identity, but makes sense to them in daily life. The content for this theme is the living examples of faith in Old and New Testament, examples of faith in the world, and congregational stories.


  • Know that faith is a journey lived in a community which shares joy, pain, and lives life prayerfully
  • Experience scripture as a living example of the ongoing, faithful promise of God
  • Experience Jesus as the pioneer, perfector and model of a faithful life
  • Experience the Holy Spirit as the very real and very mysterious presence of God at work in the world
  • Intentionally think and talk about the joys and challenges of living a life of faith
  • Think about their gifts and talents and how they can be used to love and serve the world

Small group ministry is an opportunity. It is a time to uncover the mystery of God's promise in the world; a time to affirm, daily, the promises made in Baptism and most importantly to say YES to God who first said yes to us.


 Pete Erickson Faith Formation Director Email:  perickson@moply.org  Phone:  763-509-9415

Pete Erickson
Faith Formation Director
Email: perickson@moply.org
Phone: 763-509-9415


Worship/Learning: 6:15-7:00pm
Dinner on the Go: 7:00pm (Eat in small group)
Age-Specific Small Groups: 7:00-7:45pm
(Adult groups also meet)
Extended Care Time: 7:45-8:00pm (Youth Room)

worship expectations

Faith Formation students are expected to attend 70% of worship services during the program year. Worship as a community is an important part of the faith formation experience, and will be integrated into small group learning.

what's new?
worship and learning merge

What would happen if worship was the center of the night on Wednesdays? What would happen if conversations and questions were carrying over to the car because everyone is learning the same thing in the context of worship?  This evolved way to merge worship and learning will be taught by Pastors and staff with opportunities to process in age-specific small groups. Since, learning is a part of worship, there will NOT be a dedicated large group. Students used to arriving at 6:45PM will be invited to be there at 6:15PM (NOTE: The requirement for 5-9th grade is STILL attending worship 20 times during the year).

small group (CASY GROUP)

Small groups are at the heart of youth faith formation. When large group ends, CASY groups meet in assigned classrooms with their CASY (Caring Adult Supporting Youth) and go over what they've learned, share highs and lows, dwell, and pray together.