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series on living and dying in faith

In worship on Sundays, Pastor Beth and Pastor Joel will preach sermons about living in the presence of death and the extraordinary promises that God’s love embraces us in life and in death. Worship will also feature prayers and hymns commonly used at funerals. In addition, the choir will be singing selections from different requiem masses at our 9 am services.

october 28: Where Do We Go? (and other questions about death)

Sermon: Psalm 139:1-18 - God's Inescapable Presence
MOtalk: 10 AM // Fireside Room // Gearty-Delmore Funeral Homes walks us through options for bodies after death
Coffee and Conversation for Parents with Kris Bjorke (Interim Faith Formation staff): 10:15 AM // Conference Room // How do you talk to your children about grief, death, and loss? (Childcare in the Youth Room)

November 4: Living among the Saints: All Saints Day

Sermon: Romans 6:1-11 - Dying and Rising with Jesus in our Baptism
MOtalk: 10 AM // Conference Room // Living the Resurrection before the Grave
Children and Family All Saints Day worship at the Chapel // 5 PM
Candlelight All Saints Day worship at the Chapel // 7 PM

Throughout the month, we invite you to write the name of a loved one you're remembering on a strip of paper and decorate it before adding it to the Chain of Saints in the welcome center. We will display this chain in our worship center on All Saints Sunday, as a symbol of God's love that connects us to them even through death.

We also invite you to peruse the books and other materials on the cart in the Welcome Center, selected from the Mount Olivet Resource Center. Feel free to check them out and take them home to deepen your engagement with the conversations we're having at church.