Sunday MOtalk

10am Sunday Mornings // Conference Room 265

MOtalk is our Sunday morning learning opportunity held during Community Hour at 10am. Featuring guest speakers from partner organizations, church council updates, professors from Luther seminary, and more.


Be Lutheran

September 17- October 15

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  Why are you Lutheran?  How does our Lutheran theology shape and inform how we live?  Come and learn about the core teachings of our Lutheran faith and how it shows up in the decisions we make, in our relationships and how we participate in the world.  Each Sunday for five weeks, Pastors Joel and Beth will facilitate learning and conversations around:

  • Theology of the cross
  • Justification by grace through faith
  • Baptism and daily dying and rising
  • Vocation in the world, and
  • Church and Christian community.

Please join in between worship services from 10-10:40 in the conference room from Sunday, September 17-October 15.

Reformers Today

October 29th – November 19th

We have invited panels of Mount Olivet members and friends to talk about how their Lutheran faith guides and informs their lives. Come and listen to your neighbors share their stories.  Each week will focus on one of the promises we make in baptism: 

  • To live among God’s faithful people
  • To hear the word of God and share in the Lord’s supper
  • To proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed
  • To serve all people following the example of Jesus, and
  • To strive for peace and justice in all the earth.

Join us for these conversations between worship services on Sundays from 10:00-10:40, October 29th-November 19th.


wednesday adult formation

7:oopm wednesday nights // FIRESIDE ROOM

Wednesday Adult Faith Formation is designed to create learning, enrichment and connecting opportunities for adults on a weekly basis held Wednesday nights at 7PM. Some examples of the Wednesday experience for adults might include guest speakers, parent groups, Bible studies, and much more.


Parent Connect

September 13-27

This is an opportunity for parents to connect with other parents, to dig into the dynamic nature of parenting, and receive some support for the physical, emotional and spiritual rigors of being a parent. This 3-week session is going to be an experiment to help direct Mount Olivet’s efforts to nurture and support parents. Hope to see you there!

Gospel of Mark Series

7:00-8:00 PM
during Advent

In 2018, our congregation will be spending time in the Gospel of Mark. This 4 week thematic overview will orient us to better engage with the shortest of the 4 Gospels as we read it in worship and small group text studies. We’ll be learning about the unique insights and ideas in the Gospel, as well as looking at the historical and social context in which Mark was composed, and how that can help us read it more faithfully today.

How to Read the Bible

September 27 – October 25

Scripture is central to Christianity. This collection of books from millennia ago still contains the power to speak to us and set our lives in new directions. Yet sometimes when we read the Bible, it seems outdated, confusing or offensive. Other times people tell us the Bible is the literal truth from God, yet often we hear anxiety or anger behind their words.

We believe engaging with the Bible can be a life-giving, energizing, mysterious, frustrating and spiritual experience all at once. We believe God is present as we read. But we haven’t always been trained to see the Bible this way.

Pastors Beth and Joel will offer 5 sessions giving us a road map for navigating this complex, beautiful, troubling and holy collection of writings:

  1. What’s in the Bible and who wrote it?
  2. How is God present in our reading?
  3. How do Lutherans read the Bible?
  4. Studying the Bible and Praying the Bible
  5. An open question and answer session

Come if you’ve read the Bible your whole life. Come if you’ve never cracked open a Bible outside of church. This overview of Scripture is for everyone!