We are looking ahead and wondering how Mount Olivet will serve our community in new ways.  Specifically how our building and grounds can be a tool for our mission.  Join us on January 14th as we think BIG together about where God is calling us to share and partner in our community.

Our building and grounds vision team will give an update at each of our worship services on Sunday, January 14th & Wednesday, January 17th.  Please plan to attend a walking conversation between services on Sunday, and after worship on Wednesday to hear updates on the team’s work thus far and to make your ideas known. 

Listening to MO: 

Jan. 14th & 17th

Next Team meeting:

Jan 29th 7:00 pm

Purpose of vision team

Define short and long-term needs of MO as it relates to our building and grounds, and our mission.

Define how current and future partners might utilize our building and grounds to fulfill their mission.

Creatively plan to accomplish MO needs and partner needs with out building and grounds-physically and financially.

Our Team

Cathy Schmidt (chair)

Pastor Beth Horsch

Jeff Pflipsen

John McKenzie

Kurt Leuthold

Linda Finley

Carl Brandt

Jennifer Carr