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intentional listening...

We are beginning a time of intentional listening at Mount Olivet which we are calling Listening to Olivet. Our intent and hope of this intentional listening is to build community by getting to know each other better through meaningful conversations.  Through these conversations we want members to feel seen, heard, and known, to experience connection in community, and to recognize that their presence with us makes a difference.

Nearly 60 Mount Olivet members have been trained as listeners and plan to facilitate one-on-one conversations with over 300 members.  These 45-60 minute conversations will cross lines of difference at Mount Olivet – they will be intergenerational, and stretch across the Sunday and Wednesday crowds.

These conversations are NOT a survey or a place to ask for anything but they are also not a surface level conversation.  The conversations are an opportunity to sit down and really get to know one another as a fellow member of Mount Olivet and as a faith companion.   The hope is that when we enter into someone else’s story by deeply listening to them, we will strengthen relationships within Mount Olivet and build a more robust community. It is also our hope that we glean threads for what might be possible for Mount Olivet in the future.  We are not tracking specific details of these conversations; we want them to be authentic and confidential.  We do however want to share broad themes and commonly held visions and interests to help us discover more about who we are as a community.    

You may receive an email or phone call from a fellow member asking you to join these conversations.  All conversations will be held here at church or in another public space.  Participation is voluntary of course, but please consider this opportunity to connect with someone new and to build community at Mount Olivet.  If you do not receive an email or phone call and would like to participate please email Deb Borg (, and she will connect you to a listener.

We hope you will be a part of this meaningful and important work.  The more voices we hear, the more connections we make to build a vibrant community at Mount Olivet and to discern all that is ahead for us as a church.

Please contact us with questions. 


With gratitude and peace,

Pastors Beth and Joel

Mark Schmidt, Church Council President