leadership groups

The Mount Olivet community hosts a variety of Leadership Groups. If you want to get to know other community members, reaching out to one of these groups below is a great place to start.

Benevolence Board

Group Contact: Linda Finley
The Benevolence Board was formed in 2013 and helps oversee the congregational tithe - creating more visibility for our benevolence partners and open dialogue with the congregation to make sure the fund is making the biggest impact possible!

Church Council

Contact: Pastor Beth Horsch
Learn more about council here

Possibilities Committee

Group Contact: Tonya Brandt
Help plan, communicate, and execute our stewardship campaign - annually reaching out to the congregation to submit a pledge for the coming budget year.

Cemetery and Chapel Committee

Group Contact: Jim Devine
This committee cares for and manages our Historic Chapel and Cemetery across the street from our main building. They have overseen two major renovations that restored the interior and exterior to the beautiful space it is today!

Partnership Summit

Contact: Pastor Joel Bergeland The Partnership Summit is Mount Olivet’s steering team for our community engagement. Made up of Mount Olivet members in leadership roles for each individual partner, the Partnership Summit meets quarterly to discuss where the Holy Spirit is showing up in the life of our church and our partners, how we can deepen and strengthen our involvement with our partners, and what we can do to support one another in problem-solving and leadership development. Contact Pastor Joel with questions or concerns.


Contact Ron Frehner or Pastor Beth Horsch Mount Olivet’s vision to connect our building, grounds, and people more deeply in the community.