Because God makes a home among us, we make homes for others. Mount Olivet seeks a world where all people have adequate housing. This April, we will join in the work of our two community partners focused on housing: Habitat for Humanity and Beacon Interfaith Housing. We will have the opportunity to learn about homelessness and affordable housing, sign up to volunteer with Families Moving Forward (coming to Mount Olivet May 27-June 10) and Habitat for Humanity build days later this summer, and advocate for Minnesota to fund the building of new affordable housing projects through a bonding bill in the state legislature.

mo hosting families moving forward

There are many volunteer opportunities for individuals/families to help with Mount Olivet's host weeks:  providing and serving dinner, helping with activities and childcare, overnight host, breakfast host, washing linens and set up and clean up for the week.

If you have questions, please contact Linda Busklein, our FMF Coordinator, or Pastor Joel.

special events

MAY 27 - JUNE 10, 2018

For the second time, Mount Olivet Lutheran will be hosting guests as part of Families Moving Forward.  Volunteers are needed for setting up rooms, cooking and serving meals, cleanup, providing childcare and activities, and staying overnight. 

habitat for humanity community build

july 12 & 13 // 8:30 AM-4 PM // maple grove

Sign up to help build a home in our own community.