Easter sunday

Worship Services

Historic Chapel Sunrise Service

6:30 am*
(Limited seating in Chapel - please RSVP)


Worship Center Festival Service

8:30 // 9:45 // 11:00


holy Communion

Holy Communion will be served at each of our Easter services. All are welcome forward to take part. Grape juice, and gluten-free wafers are available - young children can opt for a blessing instead.



Services in the Worship Center feature many of Mount Olivet's talented musicians - including the Chancel Choir, Children's Choir, Bell Choir, brass ensemble, cello, piano, and organ! 

Children's Offering at Mount Olivet

children's offering

Children are invited to bring small bills and coins for the Children's Offering at the front of the Worship Center. Donations to this collection go to the ELCA World Hunger program.


Come to a special Sunrise Service in our Historic Chapel built in 1880. Please RSVP for this service due to the limited seating available.