Church council nomination process

In 2017 there will be five openings for Mount Olivet's Church Council. Learn more about the process below.

Please submit your form by January 10 for consideration. Thank you!


Composition of Council

  • The council consists of 9 members, each serving a 2 year term
  • Each council member is permitted to serve 2 consecutive terms, unless holding an executive leader position
  • Council should consist of a broad demographic group including:
    • Long-term members as well as newer members
    • Young families to senior citizens
    • Representation from all worship services
    • Participants in a variety of small groups/volunteering
    • A variety of leadership skills are needed on council at any given time (i.e. strategic development, implementation, communication, human resource, financial acumen)


  • Current member of Mount Olivet
  • Regularly attends worship and committed to growing in faith
  • Supports Mount Olivet identity through strong leadership in giving and presence
  • Able to maintain confidentiality
  • Willing to lead spiritually


Time Commitment
Time commitment consists of (average of 2-3 hours/month):

  • Monthly council meetings
  • Annual council/staff retreat
  • Committee assignment
  • Rotating presence at the welcome counter during Sunday and Wednesday worship
  • Engagement with the congregation at various church and community events


Council Selection

Each year the council will notify the congregation of council positions available for the upcoming year.  Individuals may express interest in council by completing the attached form and submitting it to Pastor Beth Horsch.

The council and Pastor Beth will review the list of submitted names and make a recommendation to the congregation for new council members.  The recommendation will be based on qualifications of the individuals and the overall council composition.