children 3 years - 4th grade


Bible Explores (BE) is faith formation programming for children held on Sunday mornings (10:15-11:10 AM) and Wednesday evenings (7-7:45 PM.) Children ages three through 4th grade meet in small groups to explore Bible stories, learn to pray, connect with one another through fun activites, and participate in mission projects throughout the year.

Children will go through the milestone of receiving their first Bible at age three or when they first begin BE, and a Bible retreat in 3rd grade. Parents can choose to register for either Sunday morning or Wednesday evening for the year.

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learning focuses for bible explorers

Building Community
Connecting in relationships through conversations, fun games, songs and activities.

Learning the stories of the Bible and working to find how God’s word and stories connect in our lives and in the world. “Finding our place in God’s unfolding story.”

Growing in the spiritual practice of prayer by modeling, sharing and connecting in prayer together. Strengthening our relationships with God and each other through prayer and conversation.

Participating in the act of blessing one another, as a simple reminder that, “we are blessed to be a blessing" and that "we belong to Jesus." We share God’s love with others through our words, actions, and living out our faith daily.

Partnering with the Mount Olivet community, local organizations, and the ELCA to serve others by collecting offering, participating in KidPack, and engaging in other MO community partnerships.



Erica Nolte
Faith Formation Specialist - Children & Family
Email: Phone: 763-509-9422

BE Sunday Group

BE Sunday // 10:15-11:10 am

On Sunday mornings, Bible Explorers join their same age peers, along with a loving BE guide, in individual classrooms for a time of learning. All BE children and guides will meet together in the Jungle Room for offering collection and large group activity, before re-joining their families in worship for prayer and sacrament.


BE Wednesday // 7-7:45 pm

On Wednesday evenings, Bible Explorer programming follows worship. Children join in classrooms along with their same age peers and a loving BE guide, for a time of learning. All BE children and guides join together in the Jungle Room for offering collection and a large group activity at 7:40 PM, when families rejoin large group at this time.