What is benevolence

Benevolence as defined by Merriam-Webster is, "disposition to do good; an act of kindness; a generous gift."

Mount Olivet's Benevolence Fund is our congregational tithe, a portion of all dollars given to Mount Olivet. We use this fund to do good by making financial gifts to partner organizations making an impact in the community and world.

The board

The Benevolence Board was formed in 2013 in order to create more visibility for our benevolence partners and open dialogue with the congregation to make sure the fund is making the biggest impact possible!





How does the benevolence process work?

1. Local, national, or worldwide organization seeks grant. Recommended by member, or from organization itself.

2. Requestor completes the grant application. Download here.

3. Email or send completed application to Mount Olivet Lutheran Church of Plymouth.

4. Benevolence Board researches request and requesting organization.

5. Benevolence Board submits recommendation to Church Council for grant decision.


Read Due Diligence reports for each benevolence partner.

Dinner at Your Door // download .doc

ELCA World Hunger //

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Mission Support // download .doc

Home Free // download .doc

Northport Elementary // download pdf

Loaves and Fishes // download pdf

Msasani Lutheran Church // download .doc

Parenting with Purpose // download .doc

PRISM // download PDF

Trinity Lutheran // download .doc