Baptisms are scheduled on the first Sunday or Wednesday of each month. During these worship services we also remember our own baptisms by blessing each other.



Baptism is an initiation into God’s family (God chooses us).  With water and God’s word, we receive God’s promise through Jesus: That we are claimed, forgiven, loved, and saved.

Baptism class and scheduling

Baptism class attendance is required before a baptism can be scheduled - classes are held every other month on Sundays. Please take the first steps of scheduling a baptism by providing some information here. 

Baptism Verse Suggestions


Baptism class

In these Pastor led workshops we review our beliefs and promises of baptism, walk through the service, and discuss the partnership of parents, godparents and Mount Olivet in forming and nurturing faith.

Classes are generally an hour and offer a great opportunity to get connected in the community

Who should attend?

Classes are open to adults who wish to be baptized, parents who would like their children baptized, and anyone else interested in learning more about baptism. Families are welcome to attend when the class is convenient for their schedule - and infants are always welcome to attend with their parents. 

All classes are held for an hour and babies are welcome.  Please let us know if you would like childcare for older children.