When we experience a great wonder, we either fall silent or burst forth in song. Moments when we sense God’s presence either take all our words away, or make it so that our words must be set to music. The Gospel of Luke tells us stories of people waiting for Jesus to be born, and these stories are filled with moments like that - Zechariah goes mute for months, Mary sings for joy, a chorus of angels fills the sky. Advent is the season of the church filled with watching and waiting for God to appear among us. This year, we will read the first two chapters of Luke’s gospel and ask what it means to keep silence, and when we are meant to break forth into song. Come and experience these stories anew in Sunday worship.

Christmas Eve Services:

2:00 PM, 3:3o PM, 5:00 PM, 10:00 PM // Worship Center

8:30 PM // Historic Chapel

new year’s eve (12/30) service:

One service only at 10 AM only


friends and family nativity

WEDNESDAY, DEC 19 // 6:15 PM

SUNDAY, DEC 23 // 10 AM

Sign up in the Welcome Center! Rehearsal is the week before the performance.