what we're about

Located in Plymouth, Mount Olivet is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA.)

Striving to be a community that partners with God in the world and one that recognizes faith as a journey, Mount Olivet provides an open, inviting space where all can find their place in God's unfolding story.


Sunday Worship

CHURCH & community

Finding our place, finding your place in God's unfolding story...by dwelling, connecting, and engaging.

We don’t just go to church, we are the Church. God calls us into the world to embody God's love, mercy and hope.

We seek to be in community with one another, with our neighbors, with other churches and faiths, with the marginalized, and organizations making an impact in the world. Because of our identity , we are free to have respectful conversations and shared experiences with those who might not share the same beliefs.



being church together

One of the most profound experiences of church and community together is through worship. Every worship service ends with "prayers of the people", where all are invited to share a prayer. We claim our relationship with God as we pray togehter and are connected to one another in our experiences and hopes. That's being church together.

Regular events connect our community together -  pancake breakfasts, Thanksgiving bingo night, outdoor dance parties, service opportunities, and more!

We intentionally learn, worship, and pray together. Highschoolers help teach our Bible Explorers children. Empty-nesters, millenials, and parents are small group leaders - some leading the same group from 5th through 9th grade confirmation!



missionAL CHURCH

Between 2012-2018, Mount Olivet engaged in a discernment process where we took time to listen to God’s word, experiment, and envision where the Holy Spirit is leading Mount Olivet. This is not church as usual - our goal is not to increase our membership count, but to listen and respond to God's invitation to build community within our congregation and in the world.