10th-12th grade: connect

Connect Vision

Lives, stories, and purpose do not randomly navigate the world in hopes of finding a meaningful CONNECTION. It takes intention, vulnerability, and desire to reach across differences.

CONNECT ministry is an intentional high school community group seeking vital conversations and interactions across differences for the purpose of CONNECTING:

  • God's story with our story
  • Our story with our neighbor's story
  • God's work in the world with our work in the world

This will happen through topical conversations, interactions with our community partners, and reflection on what God is up to in the world. In 2017-18, we will have monthly gatherings, alternating between:

  • Growing awareness and conversation: Bring an article, TED Talk, or blog post to discuss issues related to the theme
  • CONNECTING in out community: Head out into the world to work and interact with others related to the theme
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Date               Theme               Event

Apr (TBD)                   People in Transition             Awareness & Conversation

May 27-June 10            People in Transition             Connecting in Community: Families Moving Forward